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AlpacaKNITpacks are a kit containing the yarn you need to knit a beautiful lacy scarf, the needles to knit with and the easy to follow pattern for the scarf of your choice.

The yarn is exquisite and luxurious - 100% suri alpaca, spun in New Zealand at the Mesa Mill in Hastings. 

You choose the colour of the yarn from our range, and the scarf in the pattern that you'd like to knit, and we send you bamboo knitting needles in the appropriate size.  We use circular needles because they are easy to knit with and are more versatile.  And as an extra advantage, you can't lose one of a pair!

To see the range of yarn colours, and scarves, check out our website.





AlanahAlanahAll our scarves are all knitted using simple stitches (although one uses the 'random lace' technique which is not difficult but requires concentration and the ability to count!).

There is no back or front to any scarf, so whichever way the scarf falls it looks just as good!

All you need to be able to do is to knit ordinary knit stitches, to wind the wool round the needle to make stitches and to knit 2 stitches together.  Note that some scarves may require rows of purl stitches too but the majority use the knit stitch only.

Pictured is the Alanah, very elegant and so easy to knit as every row is the same.